The threat is no longer the Russians but our own hypocritical establishment on the Left by Miguel A. Faria, MD

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Saturday, March 11, 2017

The threat is no longer the Russians but our own hypocritical establishment on the Left — beginning with the media and Hollywood and ending with academia and the liberal establishment.

乐动体育APPWe hear from the mainstream media (MSM) ad nauseam the accusations and lamentations about the alleged influence exerted by the Russians and Vladimir Putin over the U.S. presidential election of 2016. Not one iota of evidence has been provided to support these claims, so we could categorize these accusations attempting to pass as objective reporting as veritable fake news. The liberal establishment, the Democrats,  and their allies in the press continue to be in denial about the election result, and will do whatever is necessary to attempt to delegitimize and derail the Trump presidency. But the truth is that Left and the liberal political establishment are over their heads because the freshness of prosperity, optimism, and confidence that are palpable in the air, reflected not only in the stock market but also in turning around of the wheels of the American economy. Ignore the fake polls, the fake media coverage, and the farce that tries to pass for objective reporting promulgated by the MSM talking heads. Better times are ahead despite the shameful and unprecedented battle the media and their political allies have been waging against Trump and his administration, using the Russian interference in the election as a diversionary weapon.

Once upon a time, there was Soviet missilesthe Evil Empire of the Soviet Union — namely communist Russia — armed with more than 30,000 ballistic intercontinental and other strategic long-range nuclear missiles aimed against the West and the United States. [Photo, right: Soviet offensive intercontinental rocketry] Even though it was called the cold war, American and Russian advisors advised and even directed surrogate armies in one camp against armed insurgencies in the other, supporting opposite sides of the conflict. Americans fought the communists in Vietnam. Russians fought freedom-fighters in Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and Afghanistan.

乐动体育APPFew movies were made in Hollywood depicting this struggle for freedom against communist tyranny during the 70-plus years of Soviet totalitarianism and expansionism. The Russians had pledged they would overthrow capitalism and freedom, that they would bury us in the ash heap of history, and that Soviet communism would triumph. In this expansionist effort they waged a cold war, that at times became quite hot — against the United States and freedom.

Yet, Hollywood was mostly silent; few films could be called patriotic, pro-American, pro-Western, vis-a-vis the communist Russians. John Wayne’s “The Green Berets” was an Rambo First Bloodexception. Later with the patriotism of Ronald Reagan came a few more films such as those of Sylvester Stallone [Photo, left: Rambo First Blood] and Chuck Norris. The British James Bond films were a gentle reminder that a cold war was being waged in the shadows. But war and violence were still being promoted in Hollywood for profit in the form of street violence and even in passé World War II films, where the Nazis and the German people were reminded repeatedly of their past evil deeds, castigated time and again — but not the Russian communists. When it came to the Soviets, the silent patriotism of Hollywood was deafening. And it still is!

乐动体育APPAcademe in the form of professors in video documentaries addressed the Soviet Union with a respect one would use to describe a democratic country. The mainstream media referred to the collective thuggery of the Soviet leadership of the 1970s and 80s — including those of Leonid Brezhnev and Yuri Andropov — with a respect and even admiration that Vladimir Putin and his predecessor, Boris Yeltsin, could have only dreamed of. When KGB Chairman Andropov assumed the top post of Soviet leadership in 1982, the media willingly fell for KGB disinformation and published ridiculous claims that Andropov, this most ruthless of Kremlin villains, who had participated in the crushing of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 and ordered incalculable acts of KGB repression, including the attempted assassination of Pope Saint John Paul II — “enjoyed jazz and gypsy music,” “relaxed with American novels,” “spoke English" and   How is that for fake news, not to mention slavish sycophancy!

During the FDR and Truman administrations the U.S. government was heavily infiltrated by communists and fellow travelers, who not only influenced but altered American policy in favor of the Soviets. Communist front organizations, such as the Lawyer’s Guild, the World Peace Council, the Institute of Pacific Relations, etc., also infiltrated Hollywood, the peace movement, academia, subverting freedom and the American way of life. Had the Marxist theoretician, Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937), been alive up to the time of Ronald Reagan, the Italian communist would have been pleased with what the Russian communists had achieved in the form of subversion of the West and the United States! And when those subversive organizations were later outed, there was no media outrage, only excuses if not outright sympathy. For example, as early as the case of the Amerasia乐动体育APP magazine scandal in the 1950s, the media defended the front Amerasian organization and its agent, the U.S. diplomat John Stewart Service, a fellow traveler and associate of communist traitor Solomon Adler; both helped Mao Zedong in his takeover of China in 1949.

Despite all the evidence to the contrary, the MSM, also kept for years bringing up the possible innocence of Alger Hiss and the Rosenbergs, as if there was a shadow of doubt about their guilts. The MSM and the liberal establishment continued to treat these fellow travelers and the Soviet front organizations (agencies of influence) where they operated, as if they were loyal Freeze the Arms Racecitizens working in legitimate organizations. In fact they were working for the Soviets.

乐动体育APPAcademe represented by students and professors and led by left-wing radicals danced to the tune of the Soviet KGB and the Kremlin, rioted, rallied, and chanted “Better Red than Dead.” The MSM covered their rallies sympathetically and pontificated against supposed Western provocations and crowed about Soviet “peaceful” intentions. [Photo, right: Antinuclear rally] Go figure!

But now that Russia has a democratic form of government, Putin, autocratic as he might tend to be, is still the duly elected president of that largest country in the world and very popular with the Russian people. Yet he is  being treated by the press and even some media-pandering Republican politicians (i.e., John McCain and Lindsey Graham) as a sworn enemy of the United States and with a disrespect and belligerence that no Soviet leader, including Stalin (“Uncle Joe”), Brezhnev, and Andropov, ever received. The intelligence agencies, presumably personnel leftover from Obama’s progressive administration乐动体育APP, have even joined the media battle against Trump! Now that Russia has a democratic form of government, the Left considers it an enemy. When Russia was ruled by Soviet communists, it was their friend.

乐动体育APPOur intelligence agencies should have known that it was Soviet Russia, which employed subversion and espionage not just to influence our way of life, but to end our freedom, eradicate our traditions, and extinguish our liberty. Toward that end they used not only the Communist Party USA (which they funded) and a myriad of front organizations, but also traitor agents of influence and fellow travelers.

乐动体育APPThe liberal establishment basically kept quiet, if not outrightly downplayed the threat the Soviets posed to the American way of life, including our constitutional form of government. The threat was only admitted when either the possibility of nuclear war was contemplated or when the Gramscian “scissors strategy” was applied under Moscow’s direction to get concessions from Western governments during peace negotiations. If this was the attitude from the Left, particularly the mainstream media during the dangerous cold war, one must conclude that all this brouhaha about foreign interference presently, when the Russians are our allies in the war against IS and Islamic terror, is nothing but sanctimonious presumption holier-than-thou attitude at best, or more likely, plain hypocrisy assumed from blind political partisanship.

In conclusion, no satisfactory proof has been offered for the alleged Russian influence in the election helping Trump win the U.S. presidency.  But if there was such an influence from the leaked material and the truthful information generated, who is actually at fault? It should be the negligent or partisan American MSM. The truth is the American people should have been privy to this leaked information to begin with — preferably legally obtained and published by Investigative journalismthe American press; otherwise, promulgated by any other means as to fully inform voters, as long as no national security information was at stake. The American MSM should have done the “investigative journalism,” they usually do when it is a Republican candidate whom they want to bring down and politically assassinate. They have tried to do so with Trump, and they did so with Richard Nixon (Watergate), Judge Robert Bork (Supreme Court nominee), and Ronald Reagan (Iran Contra). But when a progressive is the candidate in question, as in the case of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the MSM and the establishment circle the wagons to protect them. They certainly were not protecting national security. They were protecting Hillary and trying to sink Trump in the process. And they are still trying to do so. It appears then the progressive establishment of the Left and the biased MSM are currently more of a threat to freedom and the American way of life than Putin and the Russians.

But as to the question of guilt, If the leaked information was valid but not legally procured, either because of negligence or partisanship of the American press, who then should be blamed? And if the information is obtained by other means but ends up informing voters — is that such a bad thing? And if it is a good thing, then who should be praised for providing this useful information to the citizens? Perhaps the Russians should be, if indeed they were “guilty” of educating American voters and assisting our own “democracy.”

Written by Dr. Miguel Faria

Miguel A. Faria, Jr., M.D. is an Associate Editor in Chief and a World Affairs Editor of Surgical Neurology International (SNI). He is the Author of Cuba in Revolution: Escape From a Lost Paradise (2002). His website is

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Copyright ©2017 Miguel A. Faria, Jr., M.D.

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Bill Clinton and the KGB

Now anything that sounds the slightest bit Russian is attacked by the left as if they were Bolsheviks trying to topple the Tsar and introduce communism. But I find it funny that Bill Clinton visited Russia in the late 1960's, and after extensive interviews with KGB chief Yuri Andropov, Andropov concluded that Slick Willie would make an excellent Soviet agent to spy on the land of his birth, the USA. I don't think he ever did it (Obama would be more that type) but the very notion that the left totally ignores it and goes after Trump with such baloney is enough to make one cry in mental anguish.

乐动体育APPMueller is their new hero, but mark my words - it is quite likely nothing incriminating will be found on Trump, and then the left will change their tune. They will hate Mueller and claim he took payoffs from Trump. It must be wonderful to live in the simplistic mind of a liberal. All interpretations always reduce down to the same nonsensical two or three oft repeated phrases.

Russia, the media's bogeyman!

Submitted by Dr. Stolinsky at the Accuracy in Media (AIM) website version of this article on March 11, 2018

Dr. Faria presents a crystal-clear discussion of what was wrong with Western media - and still is wrong. For its 74 years of existence, the Soviet Union was praised for its supposed virtues by much of our media, while its vices were ignored or actually denied, as witness the Ukrainian famine. But now, suddenly, Russia has become the media's bogeyman.

Consistency? Logic? A moral point of view? What, are you joking? When it was anti-American and anti-Western to praise the Soviet Union, our media did so. Now that it's anti-American to condemn Russia, the media do that. To say that the media's credibility is shot incorrectly assumes that they had any in the first place.

Dr. David C. Stolinsky

Hatred in progressive Hollywood— Depp, DeNiro, Griffin and Co.

乐动体育APPAs if there were any doubts, consider the direct assault of the media and the Hollywood celebrities against Donald Trump. Imagine if these threats had been directed against Hillary, or God forbid, President Obama! the persecution of Janet Reno against alleged militias and right-wingers would have been resurrected not only by Obama's secret service and Justice Department but by the Comey's FBI and the Brennan's CIA.

Hollywood Hate Goes Off the Depp End
GOPUSA, June 25, 2017, by Jeff Crouere

It is getting extremely difficult to keep track of the ever increasing number of fading Hollywood stars threatening to harm or kill President Donald Trump. The latest outrage occurred when overrated actor Johnny Depp joked about assassinating the President at a U.K. music festival. He asked the crowd “When was the last time an actor assassinated a President?” This was obviously a reference to actor John Wilkes Booth who assassinated President Abraham Lincoln. He dug an even deeper hole when he followed his question by making a thinly veiled threat on the President’s life. Amazingly, he told the crowd, “it’s been a while, maybe it is time.”

For these remarks, Depp should be visited by the Secret Service and possibly charged with threatening the life of President Trump. It is a Class E felony; punishable by up to five years in prison and/or a fine.

Depp’s ravings follow a string of outrageous antics by radical leftists. In just the last few weeks, a Trump assassination play was staged in New York City, comedian Kathy Griffin was pictured holding a decapitated head of Donald Trump, actor Jim Carrey joked about bashing the President with a golf club, rapper Snoop Dogg produced a video with a Trump clown being shot and actor Robert DeNiro expressed a strong desire to punch the President in the face.

乐动体育APPWith all of this happening in quick succession, it might be time for the Secret Service to create a special branch devoted to investigating angry Hollywood stars. It has been clear since he announced for the presidency that the vast majority of Hollywood stars hate President Donald Trump...

Read more on GOPUSA—

GOPUSA Editor’s Note: Depp issued an apology after he received sufficient blowback.
“It did not come out as intended, and I intended no malice. I was only trying to amuse, not to harm anyone,” the actor said in a statement to People on Friday.

Jeff Crouere is a native New Orleanian and his award winning program, “Ringside Politics,” airs locally at 7:30 p.m. Fridays and at 10:00 p.m. Sundays on PBS affiliate WLAE-TV, Channel 32, and from 7-11 a.m. weekdays on WGSO 990-AM & . He is a political columnist, the author of America’s Last Chance and provides regular commentaries on the Jeff Crouere YouTube channel and on www.JeffCrouere.com.
Read more on the antics of the Hollywood Left right here: http://www.kutahyaevdeneve.com/articles/contemporary-popular-culture-and-antiheroes-hollywood-left-russell-l-blaylock-md

Democrat scandals, where is the media?

乐动体育APP... What’s also quite striking in the hysterical media coverage of the usurper Trump is what didn’t happen before. Remember Attorney General Eric Holder’s Fast and Furious gun-running operation into Mexico? It was botched. Drug gangs got the guns and killed a border agent. Holder stonewalled congressional investigators. He got censured. No special counsel.

Remember Internal Revenue Service agents stalling conservative Obama opponents in 2011-12 seeking nonprofit status? Other applicants sailed through. Not the ones who might have made trouble for Obama’s re-elect. Obama professed outrage, and later denied there was a “smidgen” of proof. No special counsel.

Remember Benghazi, where four Americans died because Hillary Clinton’s State Department was unprepared? Without interviewing Clinton, a handpicked Accountability Review Board found no one person at fault, just a few systemic problems. No special counsel.

乐动体育APPOr Clinton’s long-running email scandal, in which she routinely mishandled national security documents on an unsecured private server in violation of government regulations. Comey chose not to prosecute because he said he couldn’t prove intent through years of such violations.

Congress investigated all three with no real results beyond words. For those of us in flyover country, the wily ways of Washington and its in-house media chroniclers eagerly being used by anonymous sources choose which scandals to snuff and which to fuel. That institutional coziness and congressional ineptitude by both parties partly explain the voter disgust that elected the angriest candidate as president. Never mind his qualifications... From Democrat scandals: “The hidden blessing for Trump in the special counsel’s investigation” by journalist Andrew Malcolm in the Telegraph (Macon), May 23, 2017
… as even The New York Times acknowledged, that came from the principals of the Canadian company Uranium One to the tune of more than $100 million dollars to their foundations, while Hillary’s State Department office was signing off on effectively giving Russia 20 percent of American uranium reserves. Clinton campaign manager John Podesta sat on the board of Joule Unlimited, which received $35 million in investments from Russia. And then there’s Skolkovo, Russia’s version of Silicon Valley. Again, money to the Clinton foundations from both Russian and American companies favored for the project. And the payoff? Hillary received nearly three million more votes than Trump. But she fell short on the votes that counted—the electoral votes.

乐动体育APPAnd why wouldn’t the Russians want Hillary as president? The Obama/Hillary administration brought Russia back to power in the Middle East, handed Iraq to Iran, and freed a hundred plus billion dollars to Russian ally Iran in an unsigned disaster of a non-deal. Plus, all of her emails for four years as secretary of state sat unprotected on an unsecured, home-brew server, for anyone to hack. So where is the special counsel to look into that? When is a Republican-led Senate or House committee going to look into that collusion?

乐动体育APP… The injustice here, and the double standard, is that there was never a media frenzy like this during the Obama years, nor a special counsel appointed or even contemplated. Republicans wither and crumble in the face of media pressure, and the indignation of leftist Democrats and media types who were unconcerned about Obama’s scandals and abuses of executive power.

Many people think that Trump will be gone soon, somehow, whether through impeachment or resignation. HBO’s Bill Maher made a bet last week on his show that Trump will be out of office by the end of the year. The climate of hate created by the left, including the media, clearly exceeds anything we’ve seen before towards any other president, and that is saying a lot... From “Trump Presidency takedown is under way,” May 23, 2017, By Roger Aronoff, Editor of Accuracy in Media, GOPUSA.

Media misrepresentation campaign!

The Mainstream media is awful for their bias. When the Democrats are not in power, the MSM is their propaganda arm. When the Democrats are in power, the MSM is an arm of the government. Consider yesterdays misrepresented polling as reported by the media, repeated over and over, that Trump has at this time in his administration the lowest approval rating in history. As Roger Aron off, Editor of Accuracy in the Media (AIM) points out in his article “New York Times Misses the Mark on Hillary’s Defeat” in AIM:

“New polling, however, shows that Trump would win the election even now, despite a low approval rating. The Washington Post, describing its ABC/Post poll, reports, “Asked how they would vote if the election were held today, 43 [percent] say they would support Trump and 40 percent say Clinton.” Of course, the Post buried this deep into an article which discusses Trump’s disapproval rating, titled, “Nearing 100 days, Trump’s approval at record lows but his base is holding.”
“ABC’s Jonathan Karl was more honest, “According to the ABC/WP poll, among 2016 voters,Donald Trump would beat Hillary Clinton in a rematch—in the popular vote, no less.” This is really quite remarkable, given the round-the-clock, unremitting hostility toward Trump, not just in nearly every news story and from journalists on nearly every network, but also from The Washington Post and New York Times. Every late-night talk and comedy show is beyond brutal to Trump and his family, as are many of the scripted prime time shows.”

Media & the extreme left

Excellent article Miguel and the responses are brilliant. What is rarely discussed or certainly not analyzed is why all of this traitorous activity, this collusion with the enemies of freedom, this brotherhood with mass murders, was never publicly exposed --- except by the conservative press --- which was extremely small at that time. The two major books on the Verona tapes both express their confusion as to why, when it was no longer necessary to keep their possession of the transmissions from Moscow secret, the intelligence community, the President and the Congress did not tell the American people throughout all the massive protests during the Vietnam war, that it was all engineered by the communist Soviets themselves and was not a spontaneous "anti-war movement" as it was continuously portrayed by the MSM. The CPUSA was allowed to continue to operate and even still exists --- but was not outlawed and its members arrested as agents of the Soviets. Why? Who gave the order to keep all this secret? With the Otto Otepka revelations --- why was nothing done concerning what was exposed? Why did our government allow the destruction of Joseph McCarthy when they knew that his source of information was from Freda Utley, one who knew the details of the Soviet system intimately as she was a defector from the USSR and her husband was a KGB agent who was killed after her defection. I am friends with her son, Jon, and he told me many inside details about her relationship with McCarthy and the investigations. With Stanton Evan's book --- Blacklisted by History --- why do even conservatives join in with the fear of a "return to McCarthism"? Why have only one or two movies been made about the Soviet Gulag system but hundreds about the Nazi death camps? Why was the media silent when the Hanoi Hilton movie was banned from American television? Why did Hollywood make not one movie about the incredible bravery concerning the POWs in Vietnamese communist camps that can be described only as camps of hell? Why do we allow the publishers to ban conservative books --- that is, until President Reagan? Why were magazine racks, until Reagan, devoid of all conservative magazines? Why were leftist books chosen for our schools and universities as textbooks. F.A. Hayek and von Mises works were never included in economic reading lists --- why? And the ultimate questions that has never been answered is --- why have we allowed leftist tax exempt foundations (all of which are interlocking) to proscribe our cultural framework, our laws, even write some of our legislation? Why are our government offices at the federal levels always dominated by private, highly secret (within its inner circle) institutions that have absolutely no oversight? Of course I am speaking of the CFR and Trilateral Commission. Why have the private international bankers at the Federal Reserve been allowed to dominate our financial system with absolutely no oversight? These and many more questions demand answers. Unfortunately, as I wrote in one of my earlier papers, the conservatives fell asleep after the 1960s-70s riots calmed down. And they really fell into a slumber after the phony fall of the Soviet Empire --- they repeated endlessly that socialism and communism were in the "dustbin of history." By the time they began to wake up, the hard Left had taken the culture, the universities, undergraduate education, Hollywood, the publishing industry and much of local, state and federal governmental offices. As March 15th comes near --- the real battle begins.
You ask, as usual, some very good questions, Russell, and the short answer, as you suspect, is that, as Sir John Harington (1561–1612), the English classical liberal (today he would be conservative) wrote: “Treason doth never prosper... why, if it prosper, none dare call it treason." It would have been easier to manage a nation of slaves by the socialistic globalist elite ( e.g. "the brain trust" of FDR, the CFR, etc.) than the rugged individualist Americans of those days. The establishment was firmly progressive, that is liberal/socialist then, as it is today — and the elitist, self-righteous MSM has been at the vanguard of modern liberalism since at least the turn of the 20th century.乐动体育APP I have tried to make Americans open their eyes and think. Thank you for your very thoughtful comment.--- MAF

To deal with treason....

Very enjoyable to read this thread!

Yes, Harrington had said,
"Treason doth never prosper: what's the reason?
Why, if it prosper, none dare call it treason"

He had opportunity to know it, as he was around during the Gunpowder Plot of 5 November 1605. That almost succeeded, but since Guy Fawkes was betrayed, all conspirators were charged with and convicted of high treason.

Fawkes was a stubborn man and wouldn't talk, so King James I had to give his famous order: "the gentler Tortures are to be first used unto him et sic per gradus ad ima tenditur."

乐动体育APPWith increase of the grade of torture, Fawkes finally broke and told the entire story, including the names of the co-conspirators King James wanted.

Leftists will tell you that torture never works, because it only makes the suspect tell the interrogators what they want to hear. Sure it does. King James wanted to hear the truth, and that is what Fawkes told him. The left does not understand that torture will work if it is mixed with psychology to confuse the suspect and make him doubt the whole meaning of his devotion - neither will work on their own.

Of course, I am not advocating that the USA use the unimaginably horrid techniques that Fawkes had to undergo as the tortures were increased, but now that liberals have "established" that waterboarding prisoners for information makes us the moral equivalent of Saddam Hussein, and that it will only produce false information, it is not really possible to have an open discussion anymore. As usual, our hands are tied.

"None dare call it treason."
乐动体育APP I think the demonetization of waterboarding and other aspects of how leftists see our enemies as our victims shows that we have already reached this stage in some political arenas.

What makes it more frustrating is that you can't get through to these idiots on any level. For instance, they tell us that Saddam may have been a very cruel guy, but we should have left him in power, because his style of rule was just what was needed to stabilize that region. Perhaps. But he employed methods several orders of magnitude more agonizing than waterboarding, and this they don't have a problem with? Only when we do it?

A false flag operation?

Right on!---Don Horacio
Hello Dr. Faria, I read your cited article with considerable interest. "Hypocritical" is really an excellent description of our media. I consider their attitude as dangerous for the "Body Politic" as a Hypo-immune state would be to the "Body Human.” In both cases, the result is defenselessness. Why the MSM loves to revel in defenselessness is a mystery to me but they are what they are. Blaming the Russians for hacking the Democrats is very likely to be a "False Flag" operation. I've read that the data showed more tracings of a Russian operation than any real Russian operation would ever leave. --- Dr. Wally Schwam

Wallace Schwam, MD is a retired internist with interests in geriatrics and pharmacology who trained at Duke University. He rated expert in marksmanship in the Army and continues to enjoy hunting and tactical training with handgun, rifle and shotgun. 
Wally, The false flag operation is intriguing and possible. --- MAF
Essentially, this was the point of the Horowitz book, Big Agenda. To me the conclusion was that the biggest threat to the USA was the Corruption in Government which is really Communism in disguise promoted by the Left. It is not China, Russia, North Korea or Iran. It is the USA government and its Deep State population. --- Jose
Jose, The problem of the “Deep State” is the connotation [of unending conspiracies] which gets lost in the shadows — although most of it is in plain view, discernible to those willing to see it and expose it. Thanks all for the notes. --- MAF

The New York Slimes

乐动体育APPI always wondered why they still have yet to apologize for Walter Duranty and their failure to report to the American public Stalin's deliberate famine which killed 4 million in Ukraine. Yet, when Putin takes back Russian land (the Crimea) which was only given to the Ukraine because it was dictator Khrushchev's homeland, they are unbelievably outraged. They had no outrage when Khrushchev originally did this without the consent or approval of the Russian people.

As Miguel has alluded to previously, there is no evidence that Khrushchev died anything but a Stalinist. So while it has always been generally accepted that he was ousted in 1964 because of repercussions due to his anti-Stalin speech of 1956, I wonder how much of this was due to anger from Politburo members who knew how much blood Khrushchev had on his hands from the Stalinist era, and were furious at his hypocrisy.

乐动体育APPI don't say Putin went about this take-back in the most diplomatic manner, but judging him by Russian standards, he is one of the more tolerant and open minded leaders they have had in quite a while. One must accept that Russia is likely to always be ruled by some form of autocrat, but that can cover quite a broad political spectrum.

It is debatable whether Lenin really ever said, "We shall give the capitalists enough rope to hang themselves with," but one can be sure that is how he was thinking.

What is more concerning is that the American public does not understand that just because the Soviet Union was dissolved, that does not mean Lenin's desire to do this dissolved along with it. --ARB
Good points, Adam, Walter Duranty believed the communists had to break some eggs to make the omelettes of the Workers Paradise, but theses goodies never materialized, except in the Potemkin villages described by Duranty, Bernard Shaw, and other useful idiots and fellow travelers. That Walter Duranty kept his prize to this day is another shameful episode in the history of journalism advocacy, dishonesty and outright mendacity! --- MAF

How indeed do you sleep at night, Comrade Journalists?

乐动体育APPSo the leftist screams his outrage in print and on television. Or maybe he or she rushes to one of the "left" coasts to propagate a "movement" that is actually but a handful of rioters. Perhaps the old itch to pick up one of the Molotov cocktails himself, like the old days, returns.

Let’s face it, like Obama's former secretary, he is sick of looking at the Communist recruiting poster on the wall through the vape smoke of his medical marijuana. How could they vote for a reality star over the espionage queen???
He gulps his mint flavored cognac and stares at the election map of America covered in red, Republican red, not sacred Commie Red, dammit!

Or maybe he holds his exquisitely framed photo of General Secretary Stalin... My God, how we ignored the murder of millions by you, we even covered for you when you and Hitler divided Poland and when you invaded Poland. We dismissed the many proven cases of SOVIET espionage, especially under Red Roosevelt. We gave credit to Gorbachev, not Reagan or that damned Pope. Hell, we stood firmly with Mother Russia even after the disastrous collapse.乐动体育APP We covered you with excuses in the press; as you, our KGB Brother Putin, took parts of Georgia, all of Crimea, and currently wage semi-covert war in east Ukraine.

We betrayed our country for you, as our heroes, Alger Hiss, Harry Dexter White, the Rosenbergs and so many others did. Then you hacked the DNC, and our Espionage Queen lost! Oh, the horror, the betrayal... Billy Bragg’s droning voice of “The Internationale” is barely heard by the sobbing journalist.
Russians hacked the election begs the most ignored question (by the media): How was the election hacked to favor Trump? The MSM actively campaigned for Clinton: CNN, MSNBC, HLN, CNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, NPR, and most major newspapers. The polls overwhelmingly declared her the winner. So what exactly did the Russians do to throw the election to Trump?

First, President Obama stated there was no evidence of vote tampering. There were no votes changed from Clinton to Trump by the Russians.

Next, WikiLeaks released emails that showed how the Democrat Party aided Clinton over Sanders. Julian Assange claims the Russians did not give him these emails. If he is lying, this merely means that we learned certain facts about the how the Democrat Party operates. If these operating standards portray Hillary or the Democrats negatively, then their behavior is to blame. After all, when NBC leaked the 2005 Trump “grope-tape” mere weeks before the 2016 election, there was no MSM outrage that NBC had hacked the elections; there was only vehement anger at Trump's behavior. Oh well, if it weren’t for double standards in the media, there would be no standards.

Your point is as accurate and obvious as it is ignored and adored in Hollywood: a plethora of evil NAZI movies 72 years after WWII and a dearth of Commie movies after 27 years. We know where their sympathy lies. The double standard remains the same.

Excellent article with many insights never discussed by leftist media. I was listening to NPR Friday and some author of Spanish Civil War. The NPR host must have said “fascist” 20 times in the first half hour, as they spoke about Germany and Italy with but an occasional remark on Spain. The show was half over before they even mentioned “communist support,” despite the half a billion worth of financial support by the USSR. Even then, the US commies who went to the aid of the Spanish Republicans were OK since communism was the only vehicle to combat the excesses of capitalism. One American non-communist who gladly fought with the commies in Spain did have one complaint: the communists did not have a sense of humor. Yes, that is the one criticism of the totalitarian ideology that murdered 100 million.

How indeed do you sleep at night, Comrade Journalists?
Dr Faria replies: Excellent commentary, Koba, right on target: passionate, revealing, insightful, and very accurate!