Anatoliy Golitsyn, James Jesus Angleton, and double agents in the wilderness of mirrors of the Cold War

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Friday, August 26, 2016

A close friend, with whom I frequently hold discussions on the subject of the Cold War and communism, told me that we are still being deceived by the Russians, that the Cold War is not over, and that “…We have convinced ourselves that ‘communism is in the dustbin of history,’ New Lies For Oldwhich is exactly what the Soviets wanted us to think — just as Golitsyn disclosed in his book, New Lies for Old乐动体育APP.” Furthermore, he asserts his friend, the author Joseph Douglass insisted and documented in his book that “the drug trade is directed by the FSB [Russia’s Federal Security Service], which handles more money than the KGB ever had for operations and is larger than the KGB and better entrenched in all aspects of American and European society and government.” Finally, he opined, “The role of the terrorist is to destroy the fighting ability of the United States and its allies and to bankrupt them in their effort to protect themselves from the terrorists. The evidence for this is overwhelming. We have been fooled…”

First, while I agree that the twin evils of socialism and communism are not dead, I believe the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the collapse of the Soviet communist Empire in 1991 were real pivotal events in history.

Communism, in its most overtly malevolent form, still survives in Cuba and North Korea. Even China, in order to save face with , still calls itself communist, but is more akin to an economic fascist giant passing as government than anything else.

There is also a crude mixture of socialism and corruption ubiquitous in many third world countries of Africa, Asia, and in a few countries in Latin America, such as Ecuador and Venezuela, where the results have been catastrophic.

But most dangerous and insidious is the seductively gentler form of global socialism conceived in the minds of the elitist global intelligentsia who pull the strings animating the masses. This gentler “socialism with a human face” afflicts the , Australia, and even insinuates itself in the United States’ once a constitutional republic. This variety is certainly the most dangerous because of the incredible degree of deception affecting the most developed nations of the West, presumably with the best informed, most literate, and most sophisticated populations!

Russia’s tsarist legacy of autocracy and authoritarianism must not be confused with the much worse Soviet-style communism and totalitarianism. In fact, Fyodor , could not muster approval from the Tsar’s or (Czar's) censors for some of his writings because his description of life in exile was deemed too comfortable and would invite criminals to commit crimes to get there! Compare that with the Soviet gulag system! imagine the irony: Dostoyevsky had to edit his manuscript (magnify his discomfort in exile) in order to pass the censors and get published in Tsarist Russia!

乐动体育APPRussia’s legacy of submission to arbitrary rule began with her conquest by the Mongol hordes of the 13th century; barbarism followed with Ivan the Terrible, not softening considerably through the centuries even with the much-touted reforms of the over-celebrated Peter the Great. But again, .

So it is worth repeating that in Russia today the pre-1991, Soviet-style communism is dead as it is in Central and Eastern Europe.Red Cocaine

Admittedly, there is much truth in what my very knowledgeable friend said. During the Cold War, there was evidence the drug trade was in part handled by communist intelligence services of various countries, intending to use it to subvert the West, as well as to make profits to carry out further subversion. Certainly this was true of the Soviet KGB and , working through third countries such as Colombia and Panama. I have read and cited Joseph Douglass’ book, Red Cocaine, in some of my articles. The , like the old Soviet KGB, remains formidable. And if some Americans in high places have been fooled, particularly in government circles, it has been by either their arrogant ignorance, their desire to be fooled because of their concordant treasonous ideology, or because of venal financial gain. One person that satisfied the latter two conditions, for example, was the , as recounted in the monumental biography by Edward J. Epstein. 

Now, let’s say a few words of introduction about Anatoliy M. Golitsyn (1926-), the formidable Soviet KGB defector who actually triggered this discussion. In 1961, Golitsyn (photo, left below), a Soviet KGB major with a photographic memory, defected from his station in Helsinki, Finland, along with his family. In the West, Golitsyn not only helped uncover a number of communist spies infiltrating Western governments, but provided intelligence services with information that proved invaluable. For example, he described Soviet intelligence operations and methods of recruitment and running spies. After years of debriefing, Golitsyn Anatoli Golitsynbecame a consultant for the CIA and a brilliant analyzer of information. From the time of his defection and all through the Cold War, Golitsyn worked with the CIA and other Western governments, including Great Britain, earning the title of Honorary Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE). Golitsyn, an American citizen since 1984, is still highly respected as an anti-communist freedom fighter and a genuine hero of the Cold War. James Jesus Angleton (1917-1987), the CIA chief for counterintelligence from 1954 to 1975, called Golitsyn, ”the most valuable defector ever to reach the West.“ Reportedly, he is still under deep cover today.
Nevertheless, Golitsyn was not omniscient and infallible, as many in the CIA (particularly in counterintelligence) believed. In fact he submitted several analyses that turned out to be incorrect. Because of some of these errors and Golitsyn’s belief in his own infallibility, the CIA suffered enormously for almost two decades. Golitsyn was an important defector but his errors were to the CIA as the frontal assault ordered by General Robert E. Lee was to the Battle of Gettysburg for the Confederacy. Because Angleton also believed in and abetted the infallibility of Golitsyn’s judgment, the CIA counterintelligence unit hunted for a super-mole in the agency who did not exist — sowing distrust, dissension, and wreaking havoc in the CIA for many years. But the problem was only partially Golitsyn’s. The lion’s share of the problem was the judgment of the head James Jesus Angletonof the CIA counterintelligence unit, James Jesus Angleton.

Angleton (photo, right), like Golitsyn, was a brilliant intelligence officer, a man of photographic memory and superior deductions and intellect. He was also a dedicated spy hunter and an American patriot. But he had a serious flaw, a personal flaw that should have been detected by the CIA chiefs years before. Angleton had been deeply hurt psychologically and emotionally by the betrayal of his friend and colleague, the (1912-1988).

Psychologically, Angleton never got over his friend’s betrayal, and perhaps because of this psychological wound and the guilt associated with his professional failure to detect that personal and ideological betrayal, the counterintelligence chief saw Soviet spies where there were only shadows, and deduced the existence of complex, long-term deception where there were only coincidences, incompetence, and outright errors made by his adversaries.

乐动体育APPAngleton shared Golitsyn’s belief in the near omnipotence of and far overestimated its capability for mounting strategic long-term deception against the U.S. and the West. Both men were convinced that Soviet spies were everywhere, infiltrating, deceiving, and stealing the secrets of the CIA and other Western intelligence services. Spy hunting became an obsession in a “wilderness of mirrors,” and thus the CIA, during the 1960s and 1970s was immersed in turmoil, becoming irresolute and utterly ineffective.

The Sino-Soviet split, which Golitsyn believed was strategic deception, was real and exploitable. In this instance, Golitsyn was correctly believed to be wrong and the Nixon administration (1968-1974) took advantage of this to deepen the rift between the Soviets and the communist Chinese. But in many other fronts, the Soviet KGB was gaining ground over the American CIA and the British MI-6. The hunt for the nonexistent CIA mole continued. During the administration of President Gerald Ford (1974-1976), Angleton was finally dismissed (1977), but that was not the end of the troubles for the agency. Additional damage was done to the intelligence and spy detection capabilities of the CIA by the various US President Ronald Reagan and MI 6 asset Oleg Gordievskycongressional investigative committees and the veritable political persecution of the agency during the administration of President Jimmy Carter and the tenure of his CIA Director Stansfield Turner (1977-1981). The during the administration of President Ronald Reagan (photo, left) and his CIA Director William J. "Bill" Casey (1913-1987; Director of the CIA, 1981-1987) a decade later in the 1980s.
乐动体育APPIn the 1960s Golitsyn had helped uncover a number of Soviet agents that had infiltrated  Western governments and had provided a cornucopia of intelligence extremely valuable to the CIA, but by the 1970s, the defector’s intelligence was no longer timely. Yet Golitsyn wanted to remain the star defector, so he began to deduce information based on global political assessments and analyses of more current events. With great confidence Golitsyn continued to warn about the infiltration of the CIA by a deep cover Soviet mole; insisted that he was the last true defector and those who followed him were dangles and double agents sent by the KGB to deceive the CIA; insisted that the Sino-Soviet split (1960-1989) was long-term deception; and later asserted that even the collapse of Soviet communism (1989-1991) was not real but more disinformation and long-term deception.

Golitsyn thought he could distinguish between true Soviet intent and disinformation, as the wheat is separated from the chaff, and break through and unravel Soviet long-term strategic deception to conquer the West. But what he was now providing was not intelligence, but erroneous analyses based on circumstantial intelligence and his own developing political beliefs Yuri Nosenkoas they formed while living in the West, instead of timely, human intelligence as he had obtained while operating within the Soviet bloc as a KGB officer.

乐动体育APPGolitsyn’s supporters in the CIA believed his deductions to be accurate. Most damaging of all, a slate of Russian patriots, legitimate Soviet KGB defectors, were thought to be “dangles,” false defectors, Soviet double agents. It took years, veritably until after the collapse of the Soviet Empire, to ascertain the bonafides of these Russian-American patriots, such as (and most importantly), Yuri Nosenko (1927-2008; photo, right). For Angleton there had only been one true defector, Anatoliy Golitsyn, who understood the world of Soviet deception. All other defectors were considered double agents or dangles sent by the Soviets in their grand design to deceive the West. In the world of counterintelligence — that “wilderness of mirrors” in which one was at a loss to identify and separate the true legitimate spy from the "dangle" and double agent — no one was to be trusted. The additional problem was that Yuri Nosenko was not as smart as he was expected to be by the CIA stalwarts, and he did not possess an incredible memory like Anatoliy Golitsyn. This was enough for James Jesus Angleton to doubt his legitimacy as a true defector. Accordingly, Nosenko was interrogated, kept isolated, and incarcerated for years, treated as a double agent. 

Even the great heroes, General Dimitri Polyakov ("Top Hat"), Oleg Gordievsky, and came under suspicion as possible double agents, but they were all genuine defectors, American heroes who helped the West immensely. Some doubts still remain about the mysterious FBI agent ”Fedora.” These men risked life and limb for the cause of the United States and the West. Gen. Polyakov (photo, left) and Col. Penkovsky paid with torture and execution. All of these Soviet defectors not only helped the West, but also assisted their motherland, Russia, by helping to bring about the freedom that Russia enjoys today.

乐动体育APPAs if this turmoil in the CIA was not enough, the world situation left a lot to be desired. Below is how I summed up the CIA and world situation during those years of political turmoil in a critical review of the book, by Sergei Kostin and Eric Raynaud (2011):

From 1972 to 1973, the Watergate scandal rocked the U.S. government and shook the American nation and by 1973, America had lost the Vietnam War. President Richard Nixon Richard Helmsresigned but not before he fired Richard Helms (1913-2002), the veteran spymaster and head of the CIA (Director, 1966-1973), "the man who kept the secrets" (photo, right). CIA counterintelligence (CI) had been severely hampered during this time because of the prevailing culture of paranoia engendered by the unproductive search for the mole "Sasha," and in December 1974, CI chief James Jesus Angleton (1917-1987) was dismissed by William Colby (CIA Director, 1973-1976). To add insult to injury, in 1975 during the presidency of Gerald Ford (1973-1977), the CIA was investigated by the Rockefeller Commission and then battered by the hostile congressional investigation headed by Senator Frank Church (1924-1984). The CIA was accused of violating its charter, conducting domestic surveillance of U.S. citizens, and sanctioning assassinations in the 1960s and early 1970s. The Church Committee had indeed come dangerously close to dismantling the operational and intelligence gathering capabilities of the CIA.

Under Admiral Stansfield Turner (CIA Director, 1977-1981) during the presidency of Jimmy Carter (U.S. President, 1977-1981), the CIA suffered even more serious setbacks, including drastic cutbacks in personnel (e.g., 820 clandestine CIA officers were dismissed in the so-called "Halloween massacre" of 1977). Its powers were severely trimmed so that the agency was virtually de-fanged in intelligence and counterintelligence (CI) capabilities. As a result, America was to suffer humiliations and defeats unparalleled in her history. The Soviets and their surrogate warriors, the Cubans, were playing for high stakes. Like toppling dominoes, country after country on three continents fell prey to communism and revolution: Ethiopia fell to the communists (1973) and the revered King of the Ethiopians, Haile Selassie I, was deposed and assassinated; Mozambique (1975) and Angola (1976) also fell followed by civil wars; the Sandinistas, backed by the Cubans and Soviets, took Nicaragua in 1979; the Russians invaded Afghanistan and murdered its president, turning the country into a puppet nation and its mountainous terrain into Russian killing fields; the Shah of Iran, Muhammad Reza Pahlavi, fell from power in led by the Ayatollah Khomeini, and fled his country; finally, the economic problems facing the U.S., on top of the Iran hostage crisis (1979-1980) and the failed Carter helicopter desert mission to rescue the American hostages, triggered a complete and general demoralization of the United States. President Carter called it a "general malaise.”

One important author who took the side of Angleton and Golitsyn in this affair is a man who I admire greatly because his outstanding skills, not only as an investigative journalist but also because of the logical approach and eloquence of his narrative as a writer. This author is Edward J. Epstein whose books are always fascinating and elucidating — as with his tomes, Legend: The Secret World of Lee Harvey Oswald (1978) and Dossier: The Secret History of Armand Hammer (1996). Epstein repeats his superb performance in a book in which he stands by Golitsyn in general and Angleton in particular. This book is (1989), which is still a must read book for spy aficionados as well as scholars from both espionage and historical perspectives, even though some of the conclusions Epstein reaches have been found to be erroneous as newer information is obtained with the passage of time.Vasili Mitrokhin

With the fabulous revelations of that great Russian, Vasili Mitrokhin (photo, left), the KGB defector who brought with him the family jewels of the KGB’s First Chief Directorate (foreign intelligence secrets) and his cooperation with British historian, Christopher Andrew, treasure troves of materials have been uncovered and studied. Many of the traitors and double agents from the labyrinthine wilderness of mirrors have been exposed, and many mysteries from the Cold War solved.

The truth is that the KGB's Chief Directorate was a powerful foreign intelligence agency, but not omnipotent or omniscient, despite tremendous power and resources given it by the Soviet empire, resources and power that dwarfed those of the CIA. The police state Directorates were overburdened with corruption and failures, not to mention the immorality of the Soviet system and its communist leadership, rotting from the top. It could not carry on the grand design of deception that KGB chief Alexander Shelepin (1958-1961) envisioned, and that the Soviet premier defector, Anatoliy Golitsyn, believed was firmly in place as Soviet policy in the 1960s-1980s. Disinformation, betrayals, double agents, "Trust" operations, "dangles," yes, they were all part of the great game, but a grand design of long-term deception that included a series of false defectors (double agents), no; a faked Sino-Soviet split, no; a feigned collapse of the Soviet empire and its satellites, no. Such planning and grand design were not, could not be, implemented — instead the Soviet Empire collapsed.

乐动体育APPIt took me years of studying and reading dozens of books to convince myself of the fact that Golitsyn’s and Angleton’s deductions in this case were incorrect and that in three other major assessments (discussed above) Golitsyn’s conclusions were wrong.

Unless one reads all three of Christopher Andrews’ books with the great KGB defectors Oleg Gordievsky and Vasili Mitrokhin, one does not begin to understand Soviet espionage. Mitrokhin essentially brought the entire file of the KGB First Chief Directorate to London (i.e., files recording all major agents and operations from the inception of Soviet foreign intelligence up to the year 1984). The Mitrokhin papers were so extensive that they are referred to as the Mitrokhin Archives. (See Espionage and Cold War section in Great Books乐动体育APP) You could say that the "KGB's own sword had been used to pierce its very shield" in the hands of KGB defector Mitrokhin, whose recorded intelligence severed the Gordian knot of Soviet secrets and exposed the truth in an incredible number of cases.

Besides Gordievsky, Mitrokhin and other valiant Soviet defectors, the U.S. also had an American, a deep undercover agent, working for the FBI, who for many years sat with the top Kremlin leadership, a man who had known Lenin personally, and who was invited to attend discussions held by the Soviet leaders through the time of Khrushchev, Brezhnev, and Andropov, sitting with them as an honorary Bolshevik — Agent Solo, reporting everything to J. Edgar Hoover and the American presidents! (See Operation Solo — The FBI's Man in the Kremlin by John Barron [1996] in Great Books.)

Thus, we now have illuminating the scope of Soviet power, the truth about the wilderness of mirrors and what Soviet espionage really accomplished and did not accomplish. (See Espionage and Cold War section in Great Books.)


In conclusion I’m not denying that a grand design of long-term deception against the West ever existed in the minds and actions of the KGB and Soviet leadership. In fact, the concept may have been applied and carried out at various stages and strategic points, when the USSR was in need of deception to bolster its flagging economy and in need of economic assistance from the West — in the framework that Golitsyn described in his books, New Lies for Old (1984) and The Perestroika Deception (1995). The grand design of deception was probably ready for implementation at the behest of the young, innovative head of the KGB, Alexander Shelepin (1918-1994; head of the KGB, 1958-1961) — just about the time that Golitsyn could have been directly involved and on his way to Finland. This timing explains why Golitsyn was privy to it. Premiers Nikita Khrushchev and Leonid Brezhnev both instituted their deceptive periods of glasnost and perestroika, before those terms had even been divulged to the world. Khrushchev with his denunciation of the cult of personality of Stalin and his program of peaceful coexistence with the West, and Brezhnev with his policy of détente乐动体育APP and his many photo sessions and much wining and dining with President Richard Nixon! All the time, the Cold War continued worldwide unrelenting.

It was finally Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev (1931- ; head of the Communist party, 1985 -1991), who popularized glasnost and perestroika乐动体育APP in the Soviet’s final attempt to deceive the West, while propping up and trying to keep the collapsing communist regime afloat — but things went terribly wrong. Gorbachev wanted to reform communism/socialism, not destroy it. In fact, the cooperative Secretary later claimed he wanted to follow the European socialist democracy model, as has just been applied in Spain with the repeated re-elections of the socialist government of Felipe Gonzalez. In fact, Gorbachev remained General Secretary of the Communist Party of the USSR until its dissolution in 1991. The cataclysmic problem for the Soviet leadership was that the desperate gamble they took was of such a degree that once put into effect, with the new openness and the taste of freedom that entailed, the cat was out of the bag, and there was no turning back!

Boris YeltsinBoris Yeltsin (1931-2008; first President of Russia, 1991-1999; photo, right) was the real hero, the Russian patriot who stood on the tanks during the crisis — the attempted communist coup of 1991. Yeltsin fearless, and defiant would not allow the return of Russia to communism — and the evil empire gasped its last breath. Alas, Yeltsin was criticized and taken to task by the Russian people for accelerating the process of Soviet dissolution and democratization at the expense of causing temporary hardship and misery. It has been forgotten that he played the pivotal role in giving Soviet totalitarianism the coup de grace乐动体育APP. Yeltsin has still not received the proper credit he deserves for bringing peace, freedom, self-government, and eventually prosperity to the Russian people since time immemorial.

Written by Dr. Miguel Faria 

Miguel A. Faria Jr., M.D. is the author of Cuba in Revolution - Escape from a Lost Paradise (2002) and the essays, "Stalin's Mysterious Death" (2011), "Stalin, Communists and Fatal Statistics (2011), The Political Spectrum: The Totalitarian Left from Communism to Social Democracy to the Extreme Right, Anarchism (2011). His website is haciendapub.com.

This article may be cited as: Faria MA. Anatoliy Golitsyn, James Jesus Angleton, and double agents in the wilderness of mirrors of the Cold War. kutahyaevdeneve.com, August 24, 2016. Available from: http://www.kutahyaevdeneve.com/articles/anatoliy-golitsyn-james-jesus-angleton-and-double-agents-wilderness-mirrors-cold-war

Copyright ©2016 Miguel A. Faria, Jr., M.D.

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Conversing with a national treasure!

September 21, Note for Fellow Book Lovers: The attached review was published in today's Washington Times...  My summer was spent chiefly in relaxing and reading books for pleasure, and not for review -- which is why you have not been receiving much of late. But autumn is back-to-work time!— Joe Goulden

By Kati Marton, Reviewed by Joseph C. Goulden

乐动体育APPOf all the American nitwits who spied for Joseph Stalin’s Soviet dictatorship, none perhaps behaved with more die-hard stupidity than State Department officer Noel Field. Born into a prominent Quaker family, Field spent his boyhood in Europe. While at Harvard, his Quaker idealism, coupled with a loathing for capitalism, morphed into admiration for communism. Bent upon “reforming America,” he joined State’s Western European Division in 1926 and achieved a reputation for brilliance — and also for unconcealed leftism.

乐动体育APPHis sordid story is grippingly related by Kati Marton, whose parents, Hungarian journalists, covered various show trials that resulted in Field and other “traitors to the cause” being jailed. She also gained access to Field family papers and those of persons brought down with him. In a New Deal Washington teeming with communists and sympathizers, Field proved to be a prime prospect for Soviet intelligence recruiters. A legendary KGB recruiter known as “J. Peters” easily hooked Field. “An ideal target,” Kati Marton terms him. “Who would ever believe a well-mannered young man with deep New England roots and immaculate appearances such as Noel Field could betray his country?”

乐动体育APP(A rival ring run by GRU, Soviet military intelligence, competed with the KGB over another State Department spy, Alger Hiss, who was identified by name in KGB cable traffic. The more cautious GRU used a cover name for Hiss, “Ales.” Lack of security made spying easy. “The mentality of the State Department was rather provincial This was evident from the careless manner in which state secrets were managed. The most secret documents, sometimes in multiple copies, circulated from hand to hand.”

Among Field’s grabs were documents on State’s positions for a naval conference in London in 1935-6. In attendance, Field regularly briefed his Soviet handler, Paul Massing, on talks intended to limit the growth of naval armaments in the rapidly growing German and Italian navies. Field even accompanied Massing to a Swiss ski resort over the Christmas holidays to prepare an in-depth report.

But Field was careless to the point of recklessness. Contrary to KGB dicta, he subscribed to The Daily Worker, the U. S. communist newspaper, and flashed copies to make points in debates. He marched in leftist protest demonstrations. And perhaps most striking, he drove a group of friends to the Lincoln Memorial one evening, got out of the car, and loudly sang the “International” — in Russian.

Switching to the United Nations in Geneva in 1936, Field took on a most odious Soviet assignment — to help assassinate a longtime KGB officer named Ignace Reiss, who was threatening to defect to protest the Stalin “show trials” that killed many former associates. Field was tasked with watching for Reiss and notifying the assigned assassin if he appeared. As matters turned out, another killer disposed of Reiss (12 shots to the head). But as Ms. Morton observes, Field “had shown his willingness to do Moscow’s bidding — even as an accessory in a comrade’s murder.”

Field next shifted to France and an office of the Unitarian Service Committee charged with helping refugees flee as war spread through Europe. Associates noted that Field had a preference for helping hard-core Stalinists. And when war came, he sought out an old family friend, Allen Dulles, and signed on with the Office of Strategic Services. (The OSS director, Gen. William Donovan, had famously declared, “I’d put Stalin on the OSS payroll if I thought it would help us defeat Hitler.)

But a young Arthur S. Schlesinger (the future Harvard historian) saw what his OSS colleague was doing: concentrating on helping pro-Soviet refugees set up postwar Communist states in Central and Eastern Europe. Field’s world tumbled in 1948. Communist agent Whittaker Chambers defected and revealed wide Red infiltration of Federal agencies. He named Field and Hiss, among others. Field sought refuge in Hungary, a Soviet puppet state.Then another jolt: a paranoid Stalin accused Field and several other former agents for being secret American intelligence agents working against the USSR, specifically to help Josip Tito lead Yugoslavia out of the Soviet bloc.

A stunned Field was tortured — at times so severely he had to be carried to his cell on a stretcher. He followed a prepared script and “confessed” that his rescue of communists “was a cover for recruiting them for Dulles and the other archtraitor, Tito.” He named 562 persons as his “agents.” His sentence: five years in solitary confinement.
Incredibly, Field played along with his tormentors, faulting himself for lack of Communist character” and begging to continue with the party. Even the jailing of his wife, brother and adopted daughter did not shake his faith in communism. He chose to remain in Hungary after his release from prison — still worshipping a the feet of the failed god communism.--- Joseph C. Goulden is the author of 18 non-fiction books.
Hi Joe,
乐动体育APP Great Review. Noel Field was as  a staunch communist traitor and got only a part of what he deserved. There is an old movie on the KGB that has Hede (Gumperz) Massing talking about Noel Field. Kaarlo Tuomy appears in it, another interesting case.

One of the most fascinating of these cases is . His FBI handler wrote a book defending him as a true defector. Orlov was fleeing from Spain, refusing to return to the USSR, fearing execution like his communist brethren. IMO he was less than a sincere defector, who took advantage of the USA for asylum, but did not reveal any major Soviet secrets, such as the Cambridge spy ring to which he was more than privy.

Like Alger Hiss and Duncan Lee, Noel Field was a despicable character and your review clarifies some issues with him. Thanks, Joe, for your excellent review. Take care of yourself this fall and take it easy. You are a journalistic national treasure and a friend for all times!— Miguel
Dear Miguel,
I apologize for not sending my take on Anatoliy Golitsyn.  Somewhere in my PC archives is a long article by a retired CIA officer who did the in-house investigation of his handling by CIA counterintelligence (Angleton).  And I am hanged and danged if I can find the article. But we are back in DC now, after some pleasant weeks at our place right smack on the Atlantic, in Reoboth Beach, Delaware. So I shall resume my search.
Concerning the JFK murder: I worked for the Dallas Morning News 1958-61, the last two years covering Dallas County criminal courts and the sheriff's office. So I knew personally many of the "players" in the story, from DA Henry Wade and his courtroom man, William F. "Bill" Alexander,  to the defense team for Jack Ruby, (the local lawyers, not the bumbling name-lawyer Melvin Belli of San Francisco).  I consider it an absurdity that any of these men would be part of a cover-up. Wade especially as a strong Democrat and supporter of JFK.
I think Vincent Bugliosi did a superb job of debunking the critics of the Warren Commission, a good number of whom are outright nuts. One of my best friends was smeared by this odious fraternity. David Atlee Phillips served in CIA for more than 30 years, chiefly in the Western Hemisphere Division (i. e., Castro). In retirement he founded the Association of Former Intelligence Office (AFIO) to defend CIA from attacks by the Church Committee in the 1970s.
A one-time Philadelphia journalist who worked for one of the Congressional committees got the idea that Dave was part of "the plot" and wrote a 50,000-word article for the Washingtonian Magazine trying to prove his ill-founded thesis. Dave spent the rest of his life combating the lie. Because a judge held that he was a "public figure," because of his founding of AFIO, his libel suit did not make it to trial. But he DID collect a sizable court award -- and an apology -- from a British author who repeated the lies in a book published in England, where libel laws are more protective of maligned persons.
I knew Dave well for more than 20 years, and I was close enough  that I drove him to and from chemotherapy the weeks before he died of lung cancer. And I remain convinced that the JFK lies hastened his death. So these conspiracy charges are not without consequences. Good wishes to you and the lady, and I shall continue looking for that promised article. And thanks for the comment on that wretched character Noel Field.—— Joe Goulden
Dear Joe,
I agree with your email. I’ve read quite a bit about David Atlee Phillips from various books, including the one by Howard Hunt that was terrible. Another book about Winston Scott, the head of the CIA station in Mexico City for many years during the administration of Mexican Presidents Gustavo Diaz Ordaz and Luis Echeverria, discusses Phillips at great length as an able CIA officer and corroborates much of what you said. The title of the book is Our Man in Mexico — Winston Scott and the Hidden History of the CIA by Jefferson Morley (2008). It is a great book and I recommend it for your own pleasure. I listed it under my Great Books in haciendapub.com. I kindly thank you for your observations …. — MAF
Dear Miguel,
Let me add one more thought on the Dave Phillips story. On retirement, Dave had no resources other than his CIA pension, and he faced the problem of paying for college for his off-spring. So he wrote a memoir that he managed to get cleared by the Publications Review Board, The Night Watch. I happily contributed a jacket blurb (at his request) and the book sold quite well.
At the time, in addition to writing books, I was a senior editor of Washingtonian Magazine. I persuaded the editor, one Jack Limpert, to commission several articles from Dave, and they well-received. Limpert seemed friendly to Dave, and I remember a dinner at his (Limpert''s) house with Dave and his wife in attendance.
Within weeks Dave called, highly agitated. Limpert had just sent him, by messenger, the issue of the magazine containing the article alleging that he was involved in the Kennedy murder, under the guise of being an FBI agent. The article was written by Gaeton Fonzi,  a man I knew when I worked for the Philadelphia Inquirer, and he for Philadelphia Magazine.
Fonzi did not even talk with Phillips before writing the article. Nor did editor Limpert let him know that it was in the works. Limpert did enclose a note offering to run a letter to the editor should he care to reply…    The cowardly Limpert quite wisely did not choose to defend himself;  I still owe him a punch in the nose.  I have told him on several occasions that I will be waiting in Hades for him with a pitch fork and a pot of boiling oil.  As I have pointed out in print several times, his full name of Jack A. Limpert  condenses quite appropriately to Jackal  — which is what some Washington writers call him to his day. (He is now retired.)
Pardon me for mounting a soap box, but the memory of what this creep did to my good friend still brings my blood to a boil. — Joe
Joseph C. Goulden is the author of 18 non-fiction books, a former director of media analysis for Accuracy in the Media (AIM), and a journalist par excellence in various fields, particularly the Cold War and Espionage.

Deliver the Word!

Politics gathers the emotions while espionage requires intelligence. With so much of our attention focused on the lower political depths, it was refreshing to stimulate rather than depress my already limited cerebral synapse.

乐动体育APPI find myself reading premises so closely resembling my beliefs that at times it seemed I had written them. Communism, socialism, Yeltsin (who actually outlawed communism and allowed the only glimpse into the KGB archive), KGB drug runners, etc all echo my own conclusions, albeit in a more concise and cogent performance.

One might assert that the cold war is not over in a broad and general way. At every Obama fumble or snub, Putin curries favor with our lost ally or companion from Uzbekistan to Turkey. However, there can be no denying the SOVIET Union dissolved. For Golitsyn to assert this is some deception makes him as credible as Michael Moore. Or is Golitsyn merely feeding dupes like he once fed Angleton?

The next absurdity that “the drug trade is directed by the FSB [Russia’s Federal Security Service], which handles more money than the KGB ever had for operations and is larger than the KGB” reminds me of Weekly World News proclaiming “Garden of Eden Found! US grows new tree from seed.” The SVR, FSB, or whatever their current name holds nowhere near the importance internationally nor the finances internally that the KGB once held. The KGB once had 5000 agents alone in Moscow, more than in the entire CIA and FBI at the time. (I am reciting this from memory, so I do not have the source, although I think one might be Kalugin’s book: The First Directorate).

Nor am I buying that this huge drug trade from Columbia to Afghanistan is run by the same country who was defeated by Afghanistan, back when the USSR controlled far more territory, military, and respect. Assertions like that assure that I will not be buying Douglass’ book any more than I would Golitsyn’s. That the USSR has dealt drugs to some extent is entirely plausible, just as they have financed radical leftists in the past, put out disinformation to discredit or harm the US, or aided North Vietnamese during the Vietnam War. I just do not accept that Russia, who is so incapable at running their own economy, can so effectively have “directed” THE drug trade. Maybe they are a player but not a director. My objection is in degree not participation by the KGB.

乐动体育APPI would be interested in hearing more from Dr Faria on the involvement of the SOVIETS in this, although SOVIET strategy and espionage much more readily fills my palate.

Although Angleton has many detractors, and a few defenders, I never knew of the motive for his paranoia or extreme suspicion regarding defectors. I remember one KGB agent in Moscow who tried repeatedly to gain the attention of the CIA—at great danger to himself. After several tries he was at last brought in, debriefed, and accepted by the CIA chief in Moscow, yet they fought constantly with Angleton’s boys in the rear. (My apologies on the absence of critical details like names).

The urgent obsession of Angleton’s to find the nonexistent spy—at great cost to real KGB agents of merit who sought asylum within the US and had much of value to likewise give—was largely due to the betrayal of his close friend Kim Philby. I had never heard this, but I have never read directly from or about Angleton, except briefly or peripherally. Moreover, I never knew read that Golitsyn offered anything really useful but offed much that was harmful, as he fed Angleton’s paranoia.

It bears mentioning that there were certainly spies within the US. Major General Kalugin stated that “In the 40s and 50s the SOVIET intelligence had spheres of assets in every American public and government life.” This included 26 sources within the OSS, and in 1953 they handled over 300 hundred sources in the US from science to local and federal government. Golitsyn came over in 1961, yet it is easy to believe that there were certainly traitors among us still. Dangles were sometimes sent in by the SOVIETS for disinformation or to ascertain what we were interested in attaining, which tells much also. Usually, I believe the CIA could determine the value rather of an asset simply due to what he offered. Yet there is still debate on Yurchenko. (I personally believe Yurchenko was an actual defector since he gave us crucial information including the code name of two US traitors--Pelton and Howard-which that led to Pelton's arrest and three life sentences). Howard escaped to USSR where he later died.

Another informative morsel came with the revelation that Golitsyn believed the Chinese and URRS division was “strategic deception.” Considering the many successful deceitful ploys of the USSR and the near insulting manner Mao was treated by Stalin, one might understand this miscalculation. However, I cannot but wonder if Golitsyn intentionally fed these theories all along, tempting Angleton in order to maintain his usefulness, rather than just in his later years. Admittedly, there is much that I do not know about Golitsyn.

I have the Mitrokhin Archives, yet I have not read deeply into them yet. I enjoyed the article here. I listened today a YouTube video from the Spy Museum in which Oleg Kalugin was speaking. He stated that the West and the SOVIETS were in a battle of ideology. This was so obvious then, yet is so forgotten now by the media and unknown by the young. Ask a young person about Vietnam and they are likely to say: “It was about oil.” They would be clueless about the domino theory, nor would they know anything of the GULAGS.

That is why I think these articles are so essential: they keep truth alive. In a world where an annual plethora of evil NAZI movies are as inevitable as the void of communist movies, where communism’s atrocities are largely ignored or defended because of its bold but imperfect altruistic goal, or the biggest lie of them all: that true communism has never been tried; the facts still need to be said. After the murder of 100 million and the literal enslavement of more victims than that, isn’t it time to stop trying communism?

乐动体育APPThose of us who remember the evils of communism must keep stating it. A recent study found that many universities have more Marxists than Republicans. The radicals used to bomb, burn, or blackmail universities, now they run them. Do not expect the universities to tell communism's evil history any more than Hollywood, the great educator of the youth, will. We must do it.

Reality checks galore!

Excellent post Koba, a veritable reality check for some of us who run away with the passion of the moment or incited by armchair thinkers, dogmatists, and pontificators. We agree with most everything you said and Dr. Faria will come back later and comment on some specific points you brought up under this post.

In another front, we have heard a few days ago from journalist Joe Goulden, who was involved on the reporting on the JFK assassination, and a friend of Jim Alexander, Assistant District Attorney for Dallas in charge of the investigation for the DA's Office in 1963, and he agrees with the gist of our review of Bugliosi's book on JFK.

乐动体育APPKoba: “I would be interested in hearing more from Dr Faria on the involvement of the SOVIETS in this, although SOVIET strategy and espionage much more readily fills my palate...”

MAF: I agree that the resources of the KGB greatly dwarfed and outpaced those of the FSB and SVR and the figures you cited may not be too far off the mark. I also agree with you statement about the drug trade — that it may have been handled by the KGB, as it did , tangentially! The Cubans also turned it around to get rid of opponents as they did The Soviets specialized in and largely used other means of subversion such as infiltration of societies, espionage, disinformation, and lastly wet affairs* — and then they call them provocations on our part! And to wet your palate I’m placing links to articles I’ve written or books I’ve read on the subject.

* See Special Tasks: The Memoirs of an Unwanted Witness — A Soviet Spymaster by  Pavel Sudoplatov and Anatoli Sudoplatov in Espionage and Cold War.

乐动体育APPKoba: “I never knew of the motive for his [Angleton's] paranoia or extreme suspicion regarding defectors. I remember one KGB agent in Moscow who tried repeatedly to gain the attention of the CIA — at great danger to himself. After several tries he was at last brought in, debriefed, and accepted by the CIA chief in Moscow, yet they fought constantly with Angleton’s boys in the rear. (My apologies on the absence of critical details like names).”

MAF: Now you know the reason for Angleton’s paranoia — Kim Philby. Parts of your story fits in part with one or the other of at least three defectors: two of them got caught and executed in the Soviet Union — i.e., Oleg Penkovsky (The Spy who Saved the World) , and Adolf Tolkachev (The Billion Dollar Spy); Yuri Nosenko was extensively debriefed, not trusted and suspected falsely of being a double agent for years. All were heroes of the West and the cause of freedom.

Koba: “The urgent obsession of Angleton’s to find the nonexistent spy—at great cost to real KGB agents of merit who sought asylum within the US and had much of value…”

MAF: There was actually a real but mysterious spy, “Sasha,” who had done considerable damage to the U.S. in the 50s while in Europe, but “Sasha” had been ineffective and silenced for years. Angleton ’s information led him to believe the man was still active and within the CIA! The story from the point of view of Angleton is told in Joseph J. Trento’s The Secret History of the CIA (2001). Unfortunately, this book by a liberal associate of Jack Anderson, overall tries to paint the CIA (and the U.S.) in the worse possible light, while trying paradoxically to defend Angleton. It was also discussed by Both of these guys conferred with Angleton for their books.

Koba: "It bears mentioning that there were certainly spies within the US. Major General Kalugin stated that “In the 40s and 50s the SOVIET intelligence had spheres of assets in every American public and government life.”

MAF: True and most of these traitors, if not all of them are exposed in the Mitrokhin Archives! See my book section on Espionage and Cold War. Incidentally, you are correct: Vitaly Yurchenko was a genuine defector, who rejected by his mistress in Canada, re-defected, but not before he exposed traitors Ronald Pelton and Edward Lee Howard. Howard was later killed by the KGB for being an unreliable communist, thrown from the second floor of his dacha near Moscow. There is an excellent book on this one, Thank you for your contribution and the dialogue, Koba —MAF

Perestroika Deception!

I believe this Saga involving Angleton, Golitsyn, the CIA, and the KGB, is one of the most fascinating events in the last 50 years!

It will be obvious from this comment that I am not a writer or an authority on this subject, however after finding and reading both of Golitsyn's books as well as numerous articles and varying narratives containing differing opinions and perspectives regarding the matters involved in this real life spy thriller I have been trying to determine as best I can what to make of it.

It seems that The writings and analysis of Mark Riebling, J.R Nyquist, and Angleton's CIA colleague Bagley overwhelmingly confirm/endorse Golitsyn and Angleton's views while Tom Mangold, Helm's, and several others espouse scathing rebukes of same. Such a wide variance in their respective opinions in and of itself at first left me feeling it would be virtually impossible to ever come to any real conclusion with confidence.

Not surprisingly, considering that the subject matter involves intelligence and counterintelligence operations at the highest levels of the two global powers, it is safe to assume this uncertainty was indeed the goal of at least one of the two competing adversarial agencies. Additionally, most if not all of the specific individuals involved would naturally have personal interests or stakes in play.

After this realization I understood the only effective course of action would be to go back through Golitsyn's warnings/predictions and determine how many of them ended up being correct. Of course keeping in mind that warnings are inherently of a different nature than predictions and even more so when someone issues well over a hundred different warnings regarding events or actions that may take place over the following forty years as many of the original circumstances and underlying assumptions relating to any warnings given this far in advance would almost certainly be altered simply through the passage of such a long period of time.

With this in mind I have slowly been reassessing Golitsyn's warnings/predictions individually as well as his overall work-product as a whole. Obviously such an endeavor will take a substantial amount of time and effort to complete and to my surprise it seems that several of the articles and analyses written and posted on this subject which I had found and looked at a few years ago are no longer available to be found.

Therefore if anyone on this site has any good links to evidence/information tending to support/confirm or disprove/discredit any of Golitsyn's warnings and predictions it would be greatly appreciated.

乐动体育APPWith that said, just over the last couple of months we have seen evidence of:

1. U.S loyalty to Saudi Arabia and Israel decreasing and attempted cooperation with and tolerance of Iran increasing, which sounded
2. The beginnings of a potential US withdrawal from the middle east;
3. Russia rolling its previous adoption of Liberalized Religious freedom back;
4. suddenly advocating publicly for a type of solution/formation of a new partnership with Russia and China that sounds a lot like an eventual "Convergence";
6. A developing of a new type of McCarthyism by the "Left" against Conservatives;
7. The undeniable solidification of the Sino-Russian alliance;
8. /pro-active with respect to securing new oil
9. Putin replacing some of the seemingly moderate cabinet members/liberal elites in favor of younger more hardline types;
10. Protests in Moldova by people claiming the current situation there hasn't changed since the USSR was in control;
11. It now looks all but certain that a so-called "reformed Communist" leader from a prior Soviet Bloc country will be the Secretary General of the United Nations for the next ten years
乐动体育APP 12. China openly offering military support to Assad in Syria.

Anyway, any help or insight is greatly appreciated.

MAF replies

I placed several intrinsic links in your own comment directing you to some of the articles or important comments we have written on the subject. Use our search engine also. By the same token, I think you will find helpful links already in the article above, as well as in the "Recent Comments" (section on the right) that follow the articles elsewhere addressing those issues:

I'm also adding an Epilogue to the main article as a result of your challenging comment! I hope all of this is helpful. And PerestroikaDeception Welcome to haciendapub.com! --- Dr. Miguel A. Faria

乐动体育APPBy popular demand additional references:

Stalin & Communism from cradle to grave!
Submitted by Dr. Miguel A. Faria on September 5, 2016
Suggested Reading — A Bibliography of Stalin and Communism from cradle to grave
1. Young Stalin — from Georgia Bandit to Red Tsar! ...
2. The Jewish Doctors’ Plot — The Aborted Holocaust in Stalin’s Russia!
3. Stalin, Communists, and Fatal Statistics
4. Stalin — Breaker of Nations

5. Stalin and the Atomic Bomb

6. Stalin: Triumph and Tragedy by Dmitri Antonovich Volkogonov
7. Stalin: The First In-depth Biography Based on Explosive New Documents from Russia's Secret Archives by Edvard Radzinsky ...
8. Roosevelt and Stalin — The Subversion of FDR's Government by Communist Traitors and Fellow travelers ...
9. The Political Spectrum (Part I): The Totalitarian Left from Communism to Social Democracy
10. World War II (Part I) — The German Strategic Plan
11. World War II (Part II) — Deception, Espionage, and Total War
12. The Astounding Case of Soviet Defection Deception

13. Stalin's Loyal Executioner: People's Commissar Nikolai Ezhov, 1895-1940 by Marc Jansen and Nikita Petrov ...
14. Beria — Stalin's First Lieutenant by Amy Knight
... ...
15. The death of Stalin — Was it a natural death or poisoning?

Revisiting the Accuracy of Golitsyn's Predictions/Warnings

乐动体育APPI believe it is time for further analysis and discussion of Golitsyn's "Bona Fides", especially in light of the now obvious employment by Russia and China of what Golitsyn termed the "Scissors Strategy" against the US. ( one recent example of such would be how as soon as China began cutting off oil supplies to North Korea, Russia stepped in to make up the difference)

I would appreciate all commentary and input on any aspect of this matter, but in particular with regard to some of the following particular events as they pertain to Golitsyn predictions:

1. Gorbachev's own repeated public statements describing the Detente/Glasnost with the US as merely "Cosmetic" in nature, in classic Leninist dialect; (not to mention the complete lack of any retribution against him whatsoever by the Russians/FSB or any hardliners Communist Comrades for what would normally be regarded as his Weakness if not Treason for helping to precipitate the supposed collapse of the Soviet Union which Putin has publicly declared as the greatest tragedy of the 20th Century)

乐动体育APP2. China's Xi officially becoming their Dictator for life/no longer feeling required to even pretend to have elections any longer and rather quickly reverting back to Totalitarianism;

3. Putin once again overtly/officially back in charge of Russia;

乐动体育APP4. Russian nuclear buildup;

乐动体育APP5. Russia and China's open attack on the US dollar as Reserve Currency;

6. Recent revelations that seem to pinpoint that John Brennan, the former head of the CIA who just happened to vote for the Communist Party candidate Gus Hall, as the primary originator of the "Russian Collusion" Narrative/scheme to launch soft a soft coup after a barely publicized meeting with the FSB in March of 2016 in Moscow;
(by the way he is currently the only individual in US history Known to have "hacked" aspects of US Election processes after his company was caught mysteriously accessing Obama's Social Security records just before the 2008 election although once caught he also claimed that McCain records were also breached in an attempt to obviate any specific intentions of assisting Obama, who then promptly appointed this admitted illegal hacker to the top of the CIA) link to CNN article with photo of him testifying about his company Analysis Corp caught hacking.

乐动体育APP7. Also of note are a few more of Golitsyn's predictions regarding:

乐动体育APP A. China after receiving technology from the US as one of the results of the 1992 election(Clinton transferring export authority of military technology to the Commerce Dept without explanation) would abruptly begin showcasing it's recent military hardware buildup for the first time in decades after a crisis(most likely of a financial nature) in the West, which indeed happened in 2009. Not to leave out that preliminary Defense Dept reports indicated that the "Great Recession" was actually the result of a premeditated Financial Warfare/attack on the US. However further analysis and reporting of such was banned by Obama.

B. The Communist allies in the US Sports industry would be activated to further demoralize/disrupt Patriotism in the US (Kapernick and the resulting bandwagonning etc...)

乐动体育APP C. That Germany after being unified would eventually begin drifting away from a reliable ally of the US ( as evidenced by Merkel, whose Father was East German Communist, recent statements)

乐动体育APP D. That the new version of McCarthyism in the US would primarily be directed at Christian Conservatives.

Look forward to all Viewpoints and Commentary

Perhaps Lt. Gen. Pacepa provides the key to the puzzle

Before considering specific observations and contemporary aberrations, perhaps a look at Disinformation — Former Spy Chief Reveals Secret Strategies for Undermining Freedom, Attacking Religion, and Promoting Terrorism (2013) by Lieutenant General Ion Mihai Pacepa and Professor Ronald J. Rychlak , should be considered as an appropriate background for this discussion. that provides an excellent background for the geopolitical problems we face today.

Andropov principle and Golitsyn

Another excellent discussion by my long-time friend. As with all his discussions this one is well presented, articulated and contain a wealth of information — especially historical information. But, I must disagree in part. In my discussions with some of my Sovietologist friends I have come to know, they were convinced that the Sino-Soviet split was indeed a deception and modern events certainly show this to be true. The Soviets (the Russian government) work closely with the Chinese leadership to supply its common surrogate warriors, the terrorists, with weapons, training and logistic information. They also exchange a good deal of technological material and they worked together during the Korean and Vietnam wars.

乐动体育APPWhen Golitsyn presented his predictions concerning the collapse of the Soviet Union, few in the West believed him — especially his statement that the Soviets were near bankruptcy. In fact, the CIA analysts all supported the idea that the Soviet economy was doing exceedingly well. And, independent Soviet economic analysts also supported the idea of a bustling USSR economy. Only Golitsyn was correct. The date he gave for the collapse of the Soviet Union was quite close to the event and when he further predicted that the Berlin Wall would most likely be demolished, no one in the West supported such an idea. I remember my friend Dr. John Lenczowski told me that the events in Czechoslovakia convinced him that it was fake. In fact, John was the person who introduced me to Golitsyn's book. He was one of the few Sovietologists who was convinced that Golitsyn was truthful.

Most of these high-ranking defectors are egocentric — it goes with the territory. It is also instructive to see that the American Left always goes into high gear to discredit such people. That the mysterious mole was never found in no way say that he did not exist. Look how long it took to out Kim Philby, and if Chambers had not exposed Alger Hiss he would have continued in his position undetected.

As for Mitrokhin, he was the head of the First Directorate, which had little to do with the other departments of the KGB. Many of the departments maintained exclusive secrecy from the other departments. The disinformation directorate would be aware of things that other would not know, The KBG felt this departmental secrecy was necessary to protect it should a defector go to the West — that is, he would know little about the inner workings of the other departments. The spies were in a whole different class.

When this staged fall was taking place I asked my Sovietologist friend, who served on President Ronald Reagan's National Security Council, if the Soviets knew they were about to collapse financially, why didn't they play the nuclear blackmail card. It was well known in intelligence circles that the Soviets were making regular intrusions into American ports with submarines containing multiple MIRVed war heads. Once in these ports they would merely have to inform the president that they would launch should the US not surrender. The impact time would be a matter of minutes and there would be no defense. The Congress and the American people would have had little choice but to surrender. When I put that question to my friend, he was silent for several minutes and after deep thought he answered — "I really don't know."

In listening to several of his speeches today I hear similar puzzling questions being asked but without clear answers. Why do the Russians continue to fund international terrorism? Why are they blinding some of our pilots with ship-based lasers — just off our coast. Why do they have nuclear subs anchored in several of our ports — along the eastern and western seaboard and the Gulf ports? Why are their strategic bombers flying along our coast line? Why did Putin just purchase 20% of all American uranium? Why are most of the weapons used by the terrorists coming from Russia and the Chinese? Why have they updated their missile systems (the Satan class) and why have they built a massive underground bunker beneath the Ural mountains? Why are they still operating among the American communist front groups? Why did they engineer the mass murder of most of the Polish leadership in a plane crash? Why have they not left Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia? Why is Putin using the old KGB tactics to poison his enemies and blowing up entire apartment houses in Moscow? Why has he taken Georgia and much of the Ukraine?

乐动体育APPThe list of questions go on and on. As far as the CIA, it was born out of the OSS which was notorious for having its ranks filled with communists. Later, the communists were quite successful in infiltrating the CIA. Joe Douglas, who debriefed a defector that was the highest ranking defector ever to come to the United States, stated that the CIA did everything they could to discredit him and ignore his information. The CIA refused to accept him despite his having passed numerous lie detector tests and his statements all being confirmed. In fact, they tried to have him sent back to the Soviet Union, which would have been a death sentence. It became obvious to Joe that these CIA elements wanted to keep the defector from talking, because he knew some very vital secrets.

乐动体育APPAll told, the evidence indicates that the Soviet Union did not collapse, but rather it changed its stripes so as to become acceptable to the Western liberal/left and the disinterested American populous. People generally were tired of the cold war and wanted some peace and tranquillity — thus they accepted the story. This also allowed the Soviets to easily enter the United States and not have to register with authorities and be watched. As a result they have greatly expanded their FSB activities at all levels — especially stealing military and technology secrets.

乐动体育APPThe aggressive, totalitarian model no longer fits the new world order blueprint. As you say, they have adopted more of a fascist system — what J Edgar Hoover called Red Fascism. With this new makeover the communists have become more dangerous than ever.

The KGB's family jewels indeed!

Another excellent post, Russell. The First Chief Directorate dealt with foreign espionage and had the best guarded Soviet secrets, including foreign spies and double agents, so it was the most pertinent Directorate in the discussion. The other Chief Directorates were less relevant. For example the Second Chief Directorate dealt with internal repression and surveillance in the Soviet Union; the Third with Military Counterintelligence, etc. Within the First Chief Directorate, the Soviets had other Directorates and Services which because of Mitrohkin, the U.S. had access to; for example, Directorate T (Science and Technology) and Service A (Disinformation). Mitrokhin really delivered to us the family jewels of the Soviets!

You asked some good questions regarding the militancy of the Russians and Vladimir Putin. Part of the answer derives from the history of the Russians, as Alexandr Solzhenitsyn has pointed out and that I alluded to in this article. Contributing causes are amenable to further historical analysis: Consider British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement of Hitler, bringing “peace in our time” in 1939, while giving away Czechoslovakia…

We also face perilous times with a resurgent and richer Russia, an increasingly powerful China, both possibly manipulating a surrogate but determined army of Islamic terrorists. And what is there to oppose them? A pusillanimous EU with vapid leadership and ambiguous and unfixed ideology, except for socialism; that attempts to be so flexible and pragmatic, as to believe in no absolute moral principles; that have abandoned their own culture and religion; and that will not even contribute to the proper share

乐动体育APPAs for the US, we have a religiously ambiguous American President, who respects Moslems but not the Christians, who he derisively said, “cling to guns and religion” — while he himself clings to Marxist ideology! A country which used to be a respected beacon of freedom, but has now become an unreliable ally. Morally challenged and ideologically confused, it seems, the survival, culture and liberty of the West has been left in the hands of one principled nation, little Britannia! — MAF

Praise for our articles

Received responses to this article:

乐动体育APPDr. RY (8/29/16): “…my philosophy is very similar.  I believe that the overarching issue today really is the defense of Western civilization, of our history and culture and our democratic traditions that have flowered only thanks to Judeo-Classical-Christian tradition that underpin everything we cherish.  Defending our American constitution as written and intended is the political expression of that fight within our country. 

Sadly, the basis of Islam is so aggressively exclusivist that it can't really co-exist on the equal and tolerant basis that Westerners believe in.  It may take centuries for Muslims to see their own faith differently, and until then it is a belief system entirely opposed to true equality among men.  One which must be kept out of our political system because it is supremacist.  Right and wrong are not relative, even though we may grow into greater understanding of their meaning as generations advance…” 

Horacio (8/30/16): “...These are not only brilliant articles but very important ones that ought to get out to the general public. Do you contemplate publishing them in purchaseable book form?...”

乐动体育APPKoba: “… I look forward to reading the article on Angleton… I was traveling yesterday, but I plan on investigating your articles this weekend.

乐动体育APPDH: “ I always appreciate your articles...”

Dr: CR (8/28/16): “... You are a genius!”

Note: We appreciate these responses. This article was inspired by conversations with a close friend, dealing with the Golitsyn-Angleton controversy in the CIA. As far as we are aware, there were 5 investigative American journalists and writers of the cold war, who had, or may have had, an informed opinion on the subject: John Barron, Joseph Douglass, Ray S. Cline, Edward J. Epstein, and Joseph Goulden. The first 3 are deceased now. Epstein's opinion may not have changed. Nevertheless, we would treasure his opinion as well as that of Joe Goulden formerly of Accuracy in the Media (AIM), who is not only a super-journalist, but an old friend. Any journalist who feels left out, is welcome to post his/her views.